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RH mini Poster Dec. 1995 001.jpg
RH mini Poster Jan. 1996 001.jpg
RH mini Poster May 1996 001.jpg
RH mini Poster Oct. 1996 001.jpg
RH mini Poster Jan. 1997 001.jpg
RH mini Poster May 1997 001.jpg
Texas Recordings LP catalogs #1 - #9 that we mailed out to our regular customers back in the day, out-of-print & Not For Sale
TX Rdgs 1 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 1 (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 3 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 3 (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 5 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 5 (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 7 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 7 (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 9 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 9 (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 2 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 2 (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 4 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 4 (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 6 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 6 (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 8 b (2).jpg
TX Rdgs 8 (2).jpg

This looks like a #'d ticket (card stock paper) from a European Jimmy LaFave concert. Not For Sale

Scan_20220620 (10).jpg
SOAP CREEK REUNION POSTER, signed by 7 Austin greats, 2002 at La Zona Rosa Eatery / Music Venue, $1,000 + S / H

This Poster which measures about 11 inches x 17 inches was signed on the SAME night of the concert by various artists listed, October 14, 2002 in Austin, Texas. The artists that signed it were: Shawn Sahm (son of Sir Doug), Augie Meyers, Jesse "Guitar" Taylor (from The Flatlanders, The Joe Ely Band, Tornado Alley & so many other bands), Marcia Ball (ex-Freda & The Firedogs, etc.), Alvin Crow (SDQ, Texas Mavericks, The Neon Angels, The Pleasant Valley Boys, etc.), Rocky Morales & Speedy Sparks (both Sir Douglas Quintet / Texas Tornados members). Also includes a 8 x 10 inch promo glossy photo of Shandon Sahm (the other son of Sir Doug) + the 2 original tickets my wife & I used to get in the place. There was an actual video shot at the event with some of the live acts, but unfortunately, after buying a copy in Austin, all copies were found to be defective!

Scan_20220620 (4).jpg
Scan_20220620 (2).jpg

Regular thin paper (although light blue) announcing a Sir Douglas Quintet concert in Europe, probably from 1994 when the SDQ album "Day Dreaming At Midnight" was released, when Doug "Cosmo" Clifford (ex-Creedence Clearwater Revival) was in the band! $2 + S / H

Scan_20220620 (8).jpg
Scan_20220620 (9).jpg
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