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  Jimmy LaFave and band live in-store performance in Austin, Texas on August 18, 1995
  Original site of The Woodstock Music and Art Fair (1969) during summer 1996 vacation
Max Baca, Flaco Jimenez & Oscar Tellez at live in-store, Austin, Texas circa 1996
Close-up of concrete monument to honor the artists that played Woodstock 1969

Apparently several of the artists are missing from the list, they forgot Bert Sommer who sang beautifully on Friday afternoon, folk singer Tim Hardin who played Friday night is missing. Forgotten are The Keef Hartley Band that played British Blues on Saturday afternoon, right after psychedelic-garage band Quill who are also missing!  Let's not forget that Creedence Clearwater Revival are missing 1/3 of their name!  They never did the "Grand Funk" bit on their album covers, they always used the FULL name, Creedence Clearwater Revival on all their albumsJohn B. Sebastian's last name is mis-spelled!  Also, the artists are not listed "alphabetically", or even "chronologically" in the order that they played, which is curious??

Augie Meyers w The San Antonio Groovers, 2002
Augie Meyer-organ,   Jack Barber-electric bass 
Jack Barber-bass, Shawn Sahm-lead guitar, La Zona Rosa, 2002.
Heading 6
#1 son Shawn Sahm & The San Antonio Groovers
with Rocky Morales-saxophone, Al Gomez-trumpet.
Don Walser of The Pure Texas Band signing autographs @ Austin, Texas, 1997
Asleep At The Wheel, January 16, 1996, Austin, Texas live in-store performance.
Slobberbone at Stubb's BBQ outdoor stage, Austin, Texas, circa 2002
La Diferenzia live on the outdoor stage at The Austin Aqua Festival, 1994
with Tommy Larkins on drums in 2002
Tommy Larkin  B 001.jpg
Jojo 001.jpg
Jonathan Richman live at The Continental Club, Austin, Texas...
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