Bob Dylan ~ Between Ben-Hur & Bogie's Babe!, 2000 original 2CDr Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2000 original Deep in the Heart of Texas Records #013 2CDr pressing, Limited Edition of only 6 copies madeCover artwork, back cover & both discs M-.  Recorded live in Austin, Texas on October 27, 1996.

Bob Dylan and his band ~ Dallas & Austin, Texas, Feb. 22 & 24, 2002, original Limited #'d Edition 4CDr / Not For Sale

2002 original Deep in the Heart of Texas #025 Limited #'d Edition, #1 out of only 7 copies made, cover, back cover & all 4 disc M-, NO scratches on discs, play excellent. Recorded live at The Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas, February 24, 2002 & at Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas on February 22, 2002. Front & back covers, all inserts & all 4 discs M-, NO scratches.

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Bob Dylan and his band ~ WANTED / Newport August 3, 2002, 2002 repress 2CDr / Not For Sale

Nobody knows why? and he ain't talking... but 37 years after he last played The 1965 Newport Folk Festival, "a day that will live in infamy" (to some intolerant folks), Rock music exploded "in the shrine of folk music", Zimmy returns to the scene of the crime. But he's wearing a disguise, see... he's "not really there".

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