The Champions, issues #1 - #17 (complete run), original printings Oct. 1975 - Jan. 1978, $275 + S/H

The Champions were a 5-piece group of heroes made up of 2 ex-Avengers (Black Widow, Hercules), 2 ex-X-Men (The Angel, Iceman), and the wild card, The Ghost Rider! Based in Los Angeles, California, they lasted a little over 2 years (17 issues) which ran from October 1975 to January 1978, in which as Hercules mentioned on the 1st issue cover, they "faced their greatest foes", including Pluto, God of The Netherworld, 3 Soviet baddies - Dark Star, Titanium Man & The Crimson Dynamo, and finally Magneto & The Sentinels. Sold only as a set (18 issues, including a duplicate of issue #9). For you MCU fans, notice issue #11 with Black Goliath (aka Bill Foster who recently appeared in "Ant-Man & The Wasp" film) and issue #12 where The Stranger sports the "soul gem" from "The Avengers : Infinity War" film!