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Texas Tornados ~ Night of the 5 Tornados!, 2000 original CDr + Poster, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2000 original Deep in the Heart of Texas Records #009 CDr pressing Limited Edition of only 7 copies made, complete with 2-sided mini-Poster!  M- all.  1st version of this last Austin City Limits concert, with commentary from Augie Meyers, and the whole band, + assorted live & studio tracks summing up Doug Sahm's great musical legacy!

TEXAS TORNADOS - live from austin, tx 1990, 2005 original New West Records 100% Sealed DVD, $25 + S / H

2005 original New West Records DVD pressing, 100% Still Sealed, unplayed, NO cut out markings. Recorded live on Austin City Limits soundstage October 16, 1990 in Austin, Texas. Their very 1st visit to the concert TV show, Augie Meyers, Doug Sahm, Freddy Fender, Flaco Jimenez with band members Louis Ortega, Speedy Sparks, Ernie Durawa, Oscar Tellez & Derek O'Brien. 19 delicious folk, country, blues & rock-n-roll classics deep fried in Tex-Mex seasoning, played & sung with energy & joy that will put you in the groove to get up & DANCE! "Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio" + "Mendocino".

Scan_20220622 (25).jpg
Scan_20220622 (26).jpg
Texas Tornados - Who Were You Thinking Of +1, 1990 original Reprise 45rpm 7" mis-pressed vinyl, Not For Sale

1990 original Reprise Records 45rpm 7" vinyl pressing #7-19787, VG+ company sleeve & M- vinyl NO scratches plays excellent. However, another "mis-pressed" item, side B claims "Soy De San Luis", but it plays "Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio".

Scan_20220704 (4).jpg
Scan_20220704 (5).jpg
TEXAS TORNADOS ~ Saldana's Gold!, 2002 original New Braunfels Historical Records #002, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2002 original New Braunfels Historical Records #002, Limited #'d Edition, #1 of the Only copy made, Recorded live in Zurich, Switzerland, Febraury 24, 2000 after Sir Doug was laid to rest in San Antonio, Texas! Augie Meyers & Flaco Jimenez decided to "honor" some Tornado dates already scheduled before Doug punched out (where was Freddy Fender? who knows), but they recruited country crooner Lee Roy Parnel & blues guitarist Jay Boy Adams + "the usual suspects" to deliver "Saldana's Gold" to the European people, hungry for genuine Tex-Mex grooves!

Scan_20220706 (13).jpg
Scan_20220706 (6).jpg
Scan_20220706 (2).jpg
Scan_20220706 (12).jpg
Scan_20220706 (5).jpg
Los Texas Tornados ~ "Adios... Amigos De Musica!", 2001 original CDr, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2001 original Tex-Mex Black Ant Records #001 Limited Edition, Numbered #1 of 25 copies made, cover booklet, back cover & disc M-, plays excellent.  Recorded live at Austin City Limits, August, Texas, August 10, 1999.

Texas Tornados - Antone's?, Austin, Texas, August 10, 1999, original private pressing CDr, Not For Sale

This is the exact SAME concert as the above item, I should know because I was right there along with my wife, sitting behind Augie's organ set, but it was at the UT building on Guadalupe Street where they film the Austin City Limits TV show, and it was the kick-off to the 25th season of Austin  City Limits! The photos on the inside back cover of the band were taken December 18 & 19, 1998 at Antone's blues club, where the band recorded 2 nights worth of material for their live Texas Tornados CD on Frontera Records which did come out in 1999. The photos were taken by Ted Branson  (Austin, Texas) who provided me with some for the "The Complete Live at The Limo" 2CDr which is right below, just scroll down. Still, this is my favorite concert experience, so now I have 4 versions of it! These 2, + "Night of The 5 Tornados!" also on CD, + the FULL video on VHS! Alright.  

Scan_20220728 (4).jpg
Scan_20220728 (2).jpg
Scan_20220728 (3).jpg
Scan_20220728 (5).jpg
Texas Tornados ~ The Complete Live From The Limo Sessions, Tex-Mex Black Ant 2CDr, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2004 original Tex-Mex Black Ant Records #012, Limited #'d Edition, #1 of Only 7 copies made, M- cover, back cover & both discs, NO scratches, play excellent.  Recorded live at Antone's blues club in Austin, Texas on December 18 & 19, 1998 for their official live album released the following year (1999) on Virgin / Frontera.  Led by Doug Sahm-vocals, lead guitar; Augie Meyers-organ, vocals, accordion; Flaco Jimenez-accordion, vocals; Freddy Fender-vocals, lead guitar, maracas; Max Baca-bajo-sexto; Spot Barnett-saxophone; Tommy Delamore-steel guitar; Ernie Durawa-drums;  Al Gomez-trumpet; Rocky Morales-saxophone, harp; Louie Ortega-guitar, vocals; Speedy Sparks-bass; + legend Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell-vocals on tracks 25 & 26 on disc 1 & lead vocals on track 5 on disc 2. For complete track list, click here:

TEXAS TORNADOS - LIVE FROM THE LIMO VOL. 1, 1999 original Frontera / Virgin CD + foldout Postcards, $50 + S / H

1999 original Frontera / Virgin Records CD pressing, Gatefold cardboard cover M-, NO ring-wear or cut-out markings, disc M-, Recorded live at Antone's blues club, Austin, Texas December 18 & 19, 1998. The "official" release of the above 2CD set! It's all good. As chorizo tacos!

Scan_20220729 (4).jpg
Scan_20220729 (6).jpg
Scan_20220729 (2).jpg
Scan_20220729 (3).jpg
Scan_20220729 (11).jpg
Scan_20220729 (5).jpg
Scan_20220729 (7).jpg
TEXAS TORNADOS, 1990 original promotional use only LP, No Longer Available

1990 original promotional use only Reprise Records LP pressing #PRO-4405, generic Reprise promo cover VG++, 10" X 10" Full Color loose insert of the stock copy front cover M-, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, general wear on the cover, vinyl VG++ because it has a small factory defect at start of side 1 that clicks softly about 6 or 7 times, otherwise M-, NO scratches, plays excellent.

TEXAS T Top.jpg
TEXAS T A (2).jpg
TEXAS T back Top.jpg
TEXAS T back LOW.jpg
TEXAS T B (2).jpg
Texas Tornados ~ LITTLE BIT IS BETTER THAN NADA - THE NADA MIXES, 1997 original Reprise CD, $25 + S / H 

1997 original Reprise Records CD #9 43826-2, cardboard & plastic Gatefold cover & disc M-, NO scratches, plays excellent. Tex-Mex grooves meets Techno... This is a music CD for "our times" (July 14, 2022 as of today) as gasoline, health care & food are through the roof!

Scan_20220714 (2).jpg
Scan_20220714 (3).jpg
Texas Tornados ~ 4 Aces, 1996 original signed by all 4 Reprise CD, No Longer Available

1996 original Reprise Records CD pressing #9 46197-2, signed on front cover by Doug Sahm, Flaco Jimenez, Freddy Fender & Augie Meyers. This was signed on the same day (August 10, 1999) that they performed for the very last time at the Austin City Limits taping for the TV show in Austin, Texas, my wife & I were fortunate enough to get 2 tickets to the FREE show later that night and it was a terrific gig!! The boys were in fine form. Even "new" recruit Little Joe of La Familia! We were seated to the left of stage (behind Augie's organ set-up), and the photo of the signed item is a little "fuzzy" because it sold some years ago to a collector in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area & I've changed computers (& scanners) many times over since I took the original scan, so I only had a pic from one of our old TEXAS Recordings LP catalogs around, & it was pretty small & printed, so, in the "blow up" it got fuzzier.

Scan_20220716 (6).jpg
Scan_20220716 (4).jpg
Scan_20220716 (2).jpg
Scan_20220716 (3).jpg
Scan_20220716 (5).jpg
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs ~ Wooly Bully, 1965 original MGM LP, $200 + S / H

1965 original MGM Records LP pressing #E-4297 on cover / T-90422 on labels, cover VG++, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, shelf wear, name in ball point pen on front corner of band photo, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent.

1990 original Discos CBS International LP pressing  #DIL-30266, cover M-, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent.

Little Joe ~ Tu Amigo, 1990 original Discos CBS International LP, $150 + S / H
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