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Woodstock 69 / Summer Pop Festivals, 1970 original paperback book, $75 + S / H

Feb. 1970 original 1st Edition Scholastic Book Services paperback USA printing, 5" x 8" book size, 122 pages in B&W, VG+ condition, mostly photos of bands, musicians, audience members, a few short paragraphs on each and including the original Posters on the 4 festivals featured: Newport Jazz Festival; Newport Folk Festival; Atlantic City Pop Festival; and Woodstock Music & Art Fair.

Barefoot in Babylon ~ The Creation of The Woodstock (1969) Music Festival, 1989 printing paperback, $25 + S / H

1989 original First Edition printing (1989) by Norton Publishing, 512+ pages, by Robert Spitz with updated material added to the original 1979 book. The story begins in February 1969, 7 months before The Woodstock Music and Art Fair, when the 2 "suits" (John & Joel) meet the 2 "freaks" (Artie & Michael) in upper Manhattan, New York City, to discuss some money-making opportunities.  $$ + ideas = Woodstock.  Follow their journey...

Sunshine Daydreams ~ 1991 original Chronicle 1st Edition Hardbound Book, $200 + S / H

1991 original 1st Edition Chronicle Books (San Francisco) printing, Hardbound, 122 pages, FINE condition, "clean" condition except for the inscription at the onset by one "Deadhead" to another!  Photos, dates of important Grateful Dead concerts, all album releases from their 1st album to "Built To Last", etc. 

We have a 2nd copy, with slightly more handwritten notes, maybe about 20 short notes scattered throughout the book for $125 + S/H.

BOB DYLAN  ~ Tarantula, 1971 1st printing, Macmillan Company Hardcover Book, $200 + S / H

1971 original 1st printing by The Macmillan Company of Bob Dylan's 1st book, written in 1966!  The hard cover book has the artwork cover & is protected by a hard plastic cover that the previous owner put on it before I bought it some 30+ years agoApart from that small stain on opening the cover (see right scan, looks like coffee?), it is totally "clean", NO writings, NO stains, NO tears.  I would grade it at VG+ to FINE condition. This was what was coming out of the head (in 1966, his peak) of one of the best songwriters in the last 100 years!

bob dylan ~ an intimate biography, 1971 original 1st Edition Hardbound, $500 + S / H
DYLAN 1st Ed..jpg

1971 original 1st edition printing, hard-bound 280 page book with outer color cover (you see scanned), further protected with hard, clear plastic cover. Written by Anthony Scaduto and approved by both Dylan & Joan Baez (on back cover). In FINE condition, with NO writings, except for the "1st Ed. 1971" in pencil from the book shop I bought it over 30 years ago. Answers to where Bob Dylan came from.

DYLAN inside page.jpg
DYLAN 1st Ed. back.jpg
DYLAN 4th page.jpg
DYLAN pics page.jpg
DYLAN 2nd page.jpg
HENDRIX, Setting The Record Straight, 1992 original paperback printing, $50 + S / H

1992 original Warner Books printing paperback Book, 364 pages with 16  full pages of B&W photos of Jimi Hendrix and assorted friends & players through his brief career. This is THE BEST book I have read on Jimi Hendrix and found out several facts that I never learned in reading about him over 50+ years. VG(+) condition, well worn, but nothing missing & NO writings, NO tears, NO stains.

HENDRIX BOOK back (2).jpg
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