The Whiz Kids ~ Whiz Kids ~ 1974 original Kasaba Records LP, $300 + S / H

1974 original Kasaba Records LP pressing #KSB 200, cover M-, still in the original plastic shrink-wrap, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent. In the Michigan summer of 1972, my friend Richard & I (both about 16) hitch-hiked west from our migrant labor camp (halfway between Auburn & Bay City) to Midland, Michigan to see 4 bands in a Midland roller skating rink!  The 1st 2 bands were Mr. Flood's Party & these guys, The Whiz Kids (I really can't remember who was 1st, it's been such a long time, but I do remember BOTH bands were GREAT!)  The 3rd band was blues guitarist Catfish, and he was so AMAZING that the headliner, one John Kay (lead singer of Steppenwolf), that John Kay refused to follow Catfish!!!  He refused to come out and play so the crowd was getting pretty rowdy & aggressive, wanting to "riot", so Richard and I headed for the exit and started hitching home (we had to work the fields the next day!)

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Teegarden & Van Winkle with Bruce ~ On Our Way, 1972 original Westbound promo copy LP, $75 + S / H

1972 original Westbound Records LP pressing #WB 2010, cover VG, NO seam or spine splits, round punch hole on edge corner (this is a promo copy), shelf wear, price sticker removal damage, vinyl VG++, NO scratches, plays excellent with the odd click or pop. An uplifting blues rock album from start to finish from these Michigan greats!