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I started buying 45s in the late 1960s as I was becoming a teenager, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, CCR and bubblegum hits were my favorites. In 1968, I bought my first albums: CREAM-Goodbye (with the Poster!), BLUE CHEER-Vincebus Eruptum (with their version of "Summertime Blues"), and later Broadside: The 1963 Newport Folk Festival (a live collection of folk & blues singers, and my introduction to Bob Dylan).

In 1966, I bought my first Marvel comic book, The Avengers #28 (with Goliath standing over Cap's Kooky Quartet), making The Avengers my favorite Super-Heroes, but I also liked Batman, Captain America, Conan The Barbarian, Superman, The Justice League of America,The Teen TitansThe X-Men,Spider-Man of course, and many others.  I especially liked reprinted stories from the 1940s of both DC and Marvel heroes, both the artwork and storytelling were simple & great!

Growing up in a Hispanic household in the Rio Grande Valley (my parents knew almost no English), comic books helped me to better my English (I was an A and B student all throughout my high school years), and the music was helping me to understand how "the times were changing" in the world as I grew up..

Literature was my favorite subject in school, you can read to enjoy a story, or you can read to "learn" something, or both.  Creative writing has always interested me too, and I have 2 books that I have been working on for, literally, years, someday....

Finally, photography and painting have always been close to my heart, Vincent Van Gogh being my all time favorite painter, but I also like Neal Adams, Jim Steranko & Barry Windsor-Smith!

 In the third week of July 2017 I decided to open a "Museum"

One of my co-workers where I help build engines all day long (yes I have a "day job" at this huge manufacturing plant that will remain nameless) was telling me he was looking to lease some office space in San Antonio, Texas for an art gallery he hopes to open (he showed me his artwork on his "smartphone", he's one talented painter he is), so I thought to myself "hmm"..

Why don't I open an "online museum", to showcase some of my collections?

And so, The Museum of Art, Music & Word (est. 2017) was born!

After selling quite a few LPs in Goldmine Magazine throughout the 1990s where we got 6 "Service Awards" the last 6 years in a row + selling online on Ebay, Amazon,, & in "person to person", hand slappin' cash & carry at the "world famous" Austin Record Convention, we finally have our very own web-site! Come on in & browse around...

                         Dedicated to

With love to my 3 children, Lolita who at 12 1/2 was tougher than the rest, Max at 16 who was very serious about his weight, and Jockey my oldest at 19 was the wisest. May you live forever To my beautiful wife for 39 years, GloriaYou all will always be with me.

To all the musicians, painters and writers who create art because they "have to" or want to, and do it for the enjoyment of others.  Keep on creating & sharing!

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