Doug Sahm presents The Texas Mavericks ~ "30 Days in the Hole!", 2004 original 2CDr Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2004 original Discos Doug Saldana #009 Limited Edition 2CDr, Numbered #1 out of only 7 copies made.  Cover artwork, back cover & both discs M-, NO scratches, play excellent.  Recorded live at The Hole in the Wall club, Austin, Texas, February 20, 1986.   The Texas Mavericks played mostly "old style rock-n-roll".  Aren't we glad!

DOUG SAHM & THE TEXAS MAVERICKS ~ Live at Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Real Music Lovers 2CDr, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

1987 repress Real Music Lovers Present Records 2CDr pressing #RMLP-006, Recorded live at Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland, March 28, 1987 in superb sound quality (if a little echo-y), but clear, clean sound! Another 1 official release band of Doug Sahm.

The Texas Mavericks ~ Kulturfabrik, Wetzikon, Switzerland, April 2, 1987, 2CDr set, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

The entire Texas Mavericks 1987 European Tour was recorded, this is a pretty good audience tape from The Kulturfabrik, Wetzikon, Switzerland, on April 2, 1987. The organ part (by Alvin Crow) on "96 Tears" is a bit closer to the ? & The Mysterians arrangement than the way Augie usually plays it! Also, a heavy dose of Bob Dylan, CCR, Buddy Holly & Chuck Berry! Thanks again Randy Niendorff!

The Texas Mavericks ~ Klostergarten, Einsiedeln, West Germany, April 5, 1987, 2CDr set, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

This concert performance is listed as having been recorded at The Hotel Klostergarten in Einsiedeln, West Germany on April 5, 1987, but I'm having a hard time locating it in any map of Germany! There is still a Hotel Klostergarten in Einsiedeln, Switzerland with a large club that sadly doesn't cater to American rock-n-roll live bands anymore! Anyway, great live show courtesy of Randy Niendorff!

Texas Mavericks ~ Redneck Rock in Nederland, 2004 original DDS #008 2CDr, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2004 original Discos Doug Saldana #008, Limited #'d Edition, #1 out of 7 copies made. Recorded live at the Vera Club, Groningen, The Netherlands, on April 9, 1987 with the actual photos of the concert courtesy of Rens Remiejir of Godlinze,The Netherlands!