Jonathan Richman  & The Modern Lovers! ~ Rockin' The Netherlands!, 1999 original CDr / Not For Sale

1999 original Deep in the Heart of Texas Records #006, Limited Edition CDr of only 5 copies made, cover, back cover & disc M-, NO scratches on disc, plays excellent. 2 different radio broadcasts recordings from The Netherlands in 1977.

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The Modern Lovers ~ Precise Modern Lovers Order, 1994 original Rounder signed CD, $300 + S / H

1994 original Rounder Records CD pressing #9042, cover booklet signed by Jonathan Richman on the back side in gold sharpie marker, disc & back cover M-, plays excellent. Recorded live at Harvard University, Boston, MA (1971) & Long Branch Saloon, Berkeley, CA (1973). 

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MODERN signed CD disc + front cover & ti
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers ~ West Side Club, Lyon, France, July 7, 1984, original Limited CDr / Not For Sale

The 1980 - 1985 Modern Lovers were a lively bunch! Actually, there were several versions of this band, starting with the group that recorded the great comeback album "Jonathan Sings" (1983, Sire Records) that included the 2 female Lovers, Ellie Marshall & Beth Harrington. By the time my wife & I 1st saw them live on Sept. 1, 1985 in Austin, Texas, it was Brennan Totten on guitar, & Asa Brebner - guitar, backing vocals (from the 2nd recording team in 1976) which is the team you see here on the cover! (Thanks again to Gian Franco Giudici for this gem of a recording!)

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MODERN LOVERS ~ Live at The Longbranch & more, 1998 original Spain press Munster 2LP, N / A

One of my favorite Top Ten Rock-N-Roll Bands of ALL TIME! This particular classic line-up lasted only 2 or 3 years playing some of the best original songs EVER by an unsigned band! Their 1st (& only) LP came out in 1976!!! True Rare Animals, to be enjoyed & shared with your best friends!!! This Spain pressing which comes in 2 Heavy 180 gram vinyls (as Heavy as a Double-Meat Burger!!!) Rocks like you when you were younger than yesterday!

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Jonathan Richman - I, Jonathan, 1992 reissue, 1st vinyl issue 100% Sealed LP, $75 + S / H

2016 reissue, 1st time on vinyl for this 1992 classic LP on Craft Records, 100% Still Sealed. MINT / MINT, unplayed. NO seam splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear. One of his Best LPs! Produced by Brennan Totten (a former Modern Lover!)

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Jonathan Richman - Having A Party With, 1991 reissue, vinyl issue 100% Sealed LP, $150 + S / H

2021 reissue, only released on vinyl in Greece in 1991, Craft Records LP pressing, 100% Still Sealed. MINT / MINT, unplayed. NO seam splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear. Colored Vinyl! One of his Best LPs! Produced by Brennan Totten.

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