Los Lobos ~ Anselma Is Alive And Well Tonight, 1992 original Italy press 2LP, $500 + S / H

1992 original Italy pressing Handmade Records 2LP #001, cover M-, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, vinyls VG+(+), 2 light scratches that might click once or twice, otherwise, very minimal background noise.  Recorded live at The Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) on February 22, 1984.

Keith Carradine / Los Lobos ~ Annie Oakley, 1992 original Sealed Cassette pressing, $75 + S / H

1992 original Rabbit Ears Production CASSETTE pressing #RCE 74041 70223-4, 100% Still Sealed, a drill-hole on bottom edge / spine area (see scan below), tape unplayed, MINT. At this point in their carreer, Los Lobos were "The Best Band in America" and could do "No wrong", so they volunteered for this project.

LOBOS ANNIE back (2).jpg
LOS CENZONTLES with DAVID HIDALGO ~ PURO JAM, 2013 original Cenzontles 100% Sealed LP, $150 + S / H

2013 original Cenzontles Records LP pressing LCLP-001, 100% Still Sealed, MINT / MINT, unplayed, NO cut-out markings, NO seam splits. Mexican-American rotating group of traditional Mexican roots music group out of Los Pablos, California jamming with David Hidalgo.

PURO JAM Top.jpg
PURO JAM back LOW.jpg
PURO JAM back Top.jpg
houndog (david hidalgo, mike halby) - 1999 original Columbia / Legacy CD pressing, N / A

In 1999 David Hidalgo & Mike Halby (of late period Canned Heat) formed a bare-bones blues band called Houndog. This is their only release so far...

HOUNDog (2).jpg
HOUNDog disc (2).jpg
HOUNDog inside (2).jpg
HOUNDog back (2).jpg
houndog (david hidalgo, mike halby) - 1999 original Columbia / Legacy promo copy CD, $35 + S / H

If the above recordings were "bar-bones, minimalist", the artwork of the disc & sleeve of the promo version here goes "hand in glove".

HOUNDog promo (2).jpg
HOUNDog promo disc (2).jpg
Los Lobos - Native Sons, 2021 original New West Records 100% Sealed 2LP, $100 + S / H

Hot off the presses.... 2021 original New West Records LP pressing, MINT / 100% Still Sealed, Gatefold cover, NO cut-out markings. MINT, unplayed.  3-sided 2LP with artwork etching on side 4 (who puts their records on the wall?? but that's what they do when they have NO more songs to record!) Also, this is a "covers" album, which means all but 1 song are / were written by other geniuses (that's what they also do when they do not have any more of their own songs to record!) But, most old-timers do this, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, etc.

LOS LOBOS back Top.jpg
LOS LOBOS back LOW.jpg
LOS LOBOS ~ how will the wolf Survive?, 1984 original Slash / Warner CD, N / A

1984 original Slash / Warner Bros. Records CD pressing #25177-2, cover artwork, back cover & disc M-, NO scratches on disc, plays excellent. "The Bright Beginning...", reminds me of 16, 18 years ago, when my dogs were young & energetic! When I got them ready (& harnessed) for their daily walk around the neighborhood, as soon as I opened the garage door, they would jerk at their leashes and TAKE OFF!! Almost knockin' me down SEVERAL TIMES!! My wife would be there laughing hilariously, filming it or taking pictures at times, it was LIFE at it's best!

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LOS LOBOS back (2).jpg
LOS LOBOS disc (2).jpg