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Various Artists ~ Harvest of Love - The 1st Farm Aid, September 22, 1985, 2002 original 2CDr Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2002 original New Braunfels Historical Records #001, Limited Edition 2CDr pressing, #10 out of 10 copies made. Covers, back cover & both discs M-, NO scratches or marks on discs, play excellent, soundboard qualityRecorded live in front of 77,000 people at Memorial Stadium, University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, September 22, 1985. 2 months after Live Aid, the farmers of America got their shot at some bucks!

FARM AID 1 double inside.jpg
FARM AID 1 (2).jpg
FARM AID 1 back (2).jpg
FARM AID 1 FULL back (2).jpg
FARM AID 1 inside A.jpg
FARM AID 1 disc 1 B.jpg
FARM AID 1 disc 1 A.jpg
FARM AID 1 disc 2 B.jpg
FARM AID 1 disc 2.jpg
FARM AID 1 inside B (2).jpg
FARM AID 1 inside C (2).jpg
Various Artists ~ FARM AID 15th Anniversary Live, 2000 original Redline Entertainment 2CD, $30 + S / H

2000 original Redline Entertainment 2CD pressing, cover fold-out, back cover & both discs M-, play excellent. Covering the years 1986 (the 2nd one) to 1999, 15th years of live recordings from several years of live Farm Aid shows!

FARM AID A (2).jpg
FARM AID (2).jpg
FARM AID back (2).jpg
FARM AID B (2).jpg
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