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Alejandro Escovedo ~ The French Girl in Paradise, 2006 original Limited Edition 6CDr pressing / Not For Sale

2006 original Tex-Mex Black Ant Records #017, Limited #'d Edition 6CDr pressing, #1 out of only 4 copies made. The 1st 4 discs were recorded live at The Texas Union Hall, Austin, Texas, on October 1 & 2, 2004. "Paradise."

FRENCH GIRL disc 1.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 2.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 3.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 4.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 5.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 6.jpg
FRENCH GIRL insert (2).jpg
FRENCH GIRL edge (2).jpg
FRENCH GIRL back (2).jpg
FRENCH GIRL inside front (2).jpg
FRENCH GIRL inside back.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 1 B.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 2 B.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 3 B.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 4 B.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 5 B.jpg
FRENCH GIRL disc 6 B.jpg
Alejandro Escovedo / John Cale / Ian Hunter ~ I Wish I Was Your Mott The Hoople, 2007 Limited Edition 2CDr / Not For Sale

2007 original New Braunfels Historical Records #030, Limited #'d Edition 2CDr, #1 out of only 7 copies made, recorded live at The SXSW Music Festival, Auditorium Shores, Austin, Texas, March 18, 2005. A FREE concert, just like Woodstock!

CALE HUNTER disc 1.jpg
CALE HUNTER back (2).jpg
CALE HUNTER inside front (2).jpg
CALE HUNTER inside back (2).jpg
CALE HUNTER disc 2.jpg
The Alejandro Escovedo Trio ~ Mighty Like A Rose, 2001 original Limited Edition 2CDr / Not For Sale

2001 original Deep in the Heart of Texas Records #020, Limited Edition 2CDr of only 9 copies made. Recorded live in concert at The Cactus Café, Austin, Texas, February 16, 2001 by The Alejandro Escovedo Trio (featuring David Garza & Hector Munoz) where the complete "Man Under The Influence" album is previewed & played before it's release 2 months later.

ALEX TRIO (2).jpg
ALEX TRIO inside cover (2).jpg
ALEX TRIO back (2).jpg
ALEX TRIO disc 1.jpg
ALEX TRIO disc 2.jpg
ALEX TRIO inside C.jpg
ALEX TRIO inside D (2).jpg
Alejandro Escovedo ~ A Man Under The Influence, 2001 original signed x2 Bloodshot CD, $300 + S / H

2001 original Bloodshot Records CD pressing #BS 064, signed to me by drummer Hector Munoz and Alejandro Escovedo at the in-store release live showcase performance in Austin, Texas.

A MAN inside front.jpg
A MAN (2).jpg
A MAN back (2).jpg
A MAN disc.jpg
Alejandro Escovedo ~ The End / Losing Your Touch, 1994 original Watermelon CD, $30 + S / H

1994 original Watermelon Records CD pressing #0017, 6 track CD, 3 Live + 1 rare demo from BUICK MACKANE!

Scan_20221020 (2).jpg
Scan_20221020 (3).jpg
Alejandro Escovedo ~ Burn Something Beautiful, 2016 original Sealed Fantasy 2LP, $250 + S / H

2016 original  Fantasy Records 2LP pressing #FAN 00064, 100% Still Sealed, cover MINT / MINT x2, unplayed. NO cut-out markings, NO seam splits, NO ring-wear. Made in Texas, played around the world.

AL BURN Top 001.jpg
AL BURN LOW 001.jpg
AL BURN back Top 001.jpg
AL BURN back LOW 001.jpg
Alejandro Escovedo ~ REAL ANIMAL, 2008 Blue Note Records Sealed 2LP, Limited Edition vinyl / No Longer Available

2008 original Back Porch / Manhattan Records 2LP pressing #82411, 100% Still Sealed, Gatefold cover, this 2LP actually has a couple more songs than the CD version! Rock-n-Roll by a True Believer!

AL Top.jpg
AL LOW (2).jpg
AL back Top.jpg
AL back LOW.jpg
Alejandro Escovedo ~ Big Station, 2012 original Fantasy LP, $200 + S / H

2012 original Fantasy Records LP pressing #33917-01, cover M-, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, one crease on bottom front, 2-side printed lyrics insert M-, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent.  Recorded in Texas & New York.

BIG AL Top 001.jpg
BIG AL LOW 001.jpg
BIG AL A 001.jpg
BIG AL back Top 001.jpg
BIG AL back LOW 001.jpg
BIG AL B 001.jpg
Alejandro Escovedo ~ More Miles Than Money : Live 1994 - 96, 1998 original signed x2 CD, $300 + S / H

1998 original Bloodshoot Records CD pressing #BS 027, signed to me by drummer Hector Munoz & Alejandro Escovedo. M- cover & disc, plays excellent. Recorded live at 5 worldwide venues!

MILES inside C (2).jpg
MILES (2).jpg
MILES back (2).jpg
MILES disc.jpg
MILES inside B.jpg
Various Artists ~ Por Vida - A Tribute to Alejandro Escovedo, 2004 original signed 2CD pressing, $300 + S / H

2004 original Or Music 2CD pressing #OR 804022, cover (signed to me in ball point pen by Alejandro), back cover & both discs M-, NO scratches on discs, play excellent.  Great new versions of Alejandro Escovedo classics.

POR VIDA (2).jpg
POR VIDA disc 1.jpg
POR VIDA back (2).jpg
POR VIDA disc 2.jpg
True Believers ~ Lost In The Rain In Juarez / Live '94, 1999 original Limited Edition CDr / Not For Sale

1999 original Deep in the Heart of Texas Records #002, Limited Edition CDr of only 4 copies made, cover, back cover & disc M-  Recorded live at La Zona Rosa, Austin, Texas, March 21, 1994. Thanks to Ovidio (taping), Gian Franco (photos) & Alessandro in Italy + Peter in Germany (tape transfer to CDr).

Troobs (3).jpg
Troobs inside cover (2).jpg
Troobs back (3).jpg
Troobs inside cover (3).jpg
Troobs disc.jpg
Troobs inside (2).jpg
Troobs FULL back (2).jpg
  The Dragons ~ Woah Yeah! + 1, 2000 original Gearhead 45rpm w pic sleeve, $58 + S / H

2000 original Gearhead Records 45 rpm pressing #019, MINT / MINT, played once for quality, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear. Vinyl MINT, NO scratches, plays excellent.  They cover Freddy Fender's "Wasted Days & Wasted Nights" on the B-side & have photos of him on the sleeve + his  van on side B label! This is one of Alejandro's many brothers!

TRUE BELIEVERS (the only album~ 1986 original EMI America LP, $150 + S / H

1986 original EMI America Records LP pressing #ST-17195, cover M-, NO seam or spine splits, very thin saw-mark on bottom spine corner, NO ring-wear, original printed credits inner sleeve M-, NO seams busted, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent.

Troobs A (2).jpg
Troobs LOW.jpg
Troobs INNER A.jpg
Troobs back Top.jpg
Troobs back LOW.jpg
Troobs B (2).jpg
Troobs INNER B.jpg
Scan_20230320 (22).jpg
Scan_20230320 (23).jpg
Various Artists ~ THE SOUND IS BROWN / Latino Music Month, 2008 original Univision 100% Sealed CD, $158 + S / H

2008 original Austin Texas Visitor's Bureau & Panchanga Festival project CD, 100% Still Sealed and featuring all-chicano artists & bands!

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