If you notice this 1st copy of Marvel Tales #2, 1965 on your left, it appears to be some sort of promotional or advance type copy which I have never seen before, because it has NO advertising (compare with copy on the right!), and also look at the date stamped on 1st copy "Aug 3, 1964" which means someone got this copy well in advance, like 8 to 10 months in advance as Annuals usually went on sale in the late spring & summer, in this case, 1965.

Marvel Tales Annual #2, 1965 original, advance copy
      $750 + S/H, VG+ condition
Stan Lee - writer (all stories)
Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko - artists
Dick Ayers, Paul Reinman - inkers
       Marvel Tales Annual #2, 1965 original
                 $500 + S/H, FINE condition