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Texas Tornados ~ Twisters Alive!!!  2001 original CDr Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2001 original Deep In The Heart of Texas Records #014 Limited Edition CDr pressing of only 9 copies made. Cover artwork, back cover & disc M-, recorded live at Slim's in San Francisco, CA, August 22, 1990, the very 1st grouping of all 4 founding Texas Twisters!

TEXAS TORNADOS ~ Colorado State Fair,  September   1, 1991, Vols. 1 & 2, original private press 2CDr, Not For Sale

Recorded live at The Colorado State Fair, September 1, 1991, The Texas Tornados on tour with Joe "King" Carrasco & The Crowns!

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Texas Tornados ~ USA Television Appearances & Ads, 1990-1991-1992, original private pressing CDr, Not For Sale

This is like a Mini-Taco, maybe one of them "street tacos", fajitas or "carne guisada", it goes down very brief, but is very, very tasty! Great artwork & legwork on this one! Featuring left-over tracks from an Austin City Limits appearance by The Texas Tornados tearing down the place with a full version "La Bamba" (with rarely heard extra Spanish lyrics) + a suggested song "Viva Seguin" introduced by Freddy Fender, but when Flaco Jimenez goes on to explain when, where & why his father Santiago Jimenez wrote it, Flaco remembers something he doesn't like or wants re-telling, so he jumps into "Marina" (another song entirely) & plays that whole song. Also features Cheech Marin presenting an Award to Sam The Sham who jams into a rocking version of "Wooly Bully" backed by The Texas Tornados!

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Texas Tornados ~ Arizona State Fair ~ Oct. 19, 1991, 2003 original Tex-Mex Black Ant Records 2CDr, Not For Sale

2003 original Tex-Mex Black Ant Records #008 2CDr pressing, Limited #'d Edition, #1 of Only 10 copies made. This was transferred (by Amigos de Musicafrom a VHS video recorded live at the Arizona State Fair, Phoenix, AZ, October 19, 1991 + the introduction from a video shot in San Antonio, Texas for the song "(Is Anybody Going to) San Antone" (where the front cover photo came from).

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Texas Tornados ~ Mountain Stage, 2005 original Discos Doug Saldana CDr, Not For Sale

2005 original Discos Doug Saldana #011, Limited #'d Edition, #1 out of only 7 copies made, cover & disc M-, plays excellent.

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Texas Tornados ~ Little Bit Is Better Than Nada + 2, 1996 original Germany press CD Maxi, $100 + S / H

1996 original made in Germany Reprise Records CD pressing #9362 43778-2 WO 376, slim-line case & cover + disc M-, plays excellent. 3 great songs about life in general & the last one about the man who discovered Rock-n-Roll. In 1996, Doug Sahm wrote the lead song classic for their 4th & final studio album "4 Aces". It has my #1 Mexican plate in the chorus, Enchiladas! They were a favorite dish of Doug's too! Growing up in San Antonio, Texas brings with it certain peculiarities in tastes!

TX TORNADOS promo back (2).jpg
TEXAS TORNADOS - ADAMS COUNTY FAIR, BRIGHTON, COLORADO, AUGUST 9, 1992, Vols. 1 & 2, original Randy Niendorff CDr x2, Not For Sale

Recorded live at the Adams County Fair, Brighton, Colorado, August 9, 1992. 

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TEXAS TORNADOS - MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY'S 6th Annual WEST FEST, September 7, 1992, original Randy Niendorff CDr, Not For Sale

In less than a month, the Texas Tornados were back in Colorado! Recorded live at cosmic cowboy Michael Martin Murphey's 6th Annual WEST FEST!

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Texas Tornados - Santana's, Denver, Colorado, April 16, 1993, Vols. 1 & 2, original Randy Niendorff press CDr x2, Not For Sale

Recorded live on the 1st of a two-night stand at Santana's in Denver, Colorado, April 16, 1993. Track #16 on disc 1 is the old 1960s radio classic I remember hearing in my youth, "Por Una Mujer Casada" ("Because of A Married Woman" to you non-Tex-Mex folk) written by legendary Mexican songwriter Felipe Valdes Leal (1899-1988), while track #10 on disc 2 is "Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio", written by Flaco's pop, Santiago Jimenez Sr. (1913-1984), and has been covered by almost everybody, including Los Lobos, and others.

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