Jonathan Richman ~ His Mystery Not of Tattoos & Pierced Eyebrow, 2002 original Tex-Mex Black Ant Records 2CDr / Not For Sale

2002 original Tex-Mex Black Ant Records #006, #'d Limited Edition 2CDr, #1 out of only 7 copies made, cover, back cover & both discs M-, NO scratches on discs, play excellent. Recorded on a 2 night stand at The Continental Club, South Congress, Austin, Texas, on February 8 & 9, 2002 with kind permission from Jonathan Richman & Tommy Larkin who got 2 of the copies!

Jojo Austin Top (2).jpg
Jojo Austin disc 1 A.jpg
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Jojo Austin back (2).jpg
Jojo Austin inside back (2).jpg
Jojo Austin disc 2A.jpg
Jojo Austin disc 2B.jpg
Jojo Austin inside front (2).jpg
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jonathan richman ~ i'm so confused, 1998 original promo copy signed CD + original ticket stub, $300 + S / H

1998 original promotional use only Vapor Records CD Advance pressing #2-47086-AB, signed on front cover by Jonathan Richman in gold sharpie marker at Stubbs Bar-B-Q joint, Austin, Texas, includes the ticket stub from live show! Jonathan & Tommy were in fine form!

Jojo signed CD (2).jpg
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Jojo signed CD TIX + inside cover (2).jp
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Jojo signed CD back (2).jpg