Dale Watson ~ Every Song That I Write Is For You, 2000 original Sealed CD, $30 + S / H

2000 original 1st press version CD, 100% Still Sealed, MINT / MINT, unplayed.  NO cut-out markings, NO cracked case.  Subtitled "To Terri With Love", this is a tribute CD to Dale Watson's love who was killed in a car accident.  It was later redone with different artwork.

DALE WATSON & HIS LONE STARS - Live Preachin' To The Choir, 2001 original Continental Song City import 2CD, $50 + S / H

2001 original made in the Netherlands Continental Song City 2CD pressing #1018, recorded live at The Borderline, London, England. Genuine Country Music at it's very finest! Discs are M-, NO scratches, play great!

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