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Various Artists ~ Recorded Live Off The Board, 1985 original CBGB Records LP, $100 + S / H

1985 original CBGB Records LP pressing #CBGB-006, cover M-, still in the original plastic shrink-wrap, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent. Recorded live in 1985 at the old punk club CBGB's in Manhattan, New York City (USA), with a nice mix of jazz, rock-n-roll, hardcore punk rock, pop, blues rock, reggae, etc.  On track A4, "Gentrification Skank" (whatever that means?!), the Connotations' lead vocalist shouts out "God Bless Donald Trump & The American Dream!!!" which blew me away because I just bought this one in 2018! I'm not political at all by the way, I have NEVER voted for any politician in my WHOLE life (63 years and counting...) & I am quite proud of that fact. It just sounded quite "prophetic", 33+ years into the future...! The singer references "Mr. Trump" a 2nd time before the song ends. YUUGE! To see the complete track list, please click here:

CGB Top 001.jpg
CBGB LOW 001.jpg
CBGB A 001.jpg
CBGB B 001.jpg
CBGB back Top 001.jpg
CBGB back LOW 001.jpg
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