RAMONES ~ Teenage Lobotomy, 1998 original Prohibited Records LP, $200 + S / H

1998 original Prohibited Records LP pressing #280347 XT, cover M-, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, very thick black vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent.  This is a great collection of rare demos, B-sides, alternate versions + 1 crazy live medley from their early years!

Take a look at the bottom pic, of Sid Vicious staring at Dee Dee Ramone.  Sid (ex-Sex Pistols) never played the bass* on either records or concerts, while Dee Dee, clearly one of the best bass players in Rock History was also talented in concert performance & in songwriting. He was the real deal!

*according to many sources, including the roadie who actually played the bass (behind the amps) at Sex Pistols shows!!!

The Ramones ~ I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend +1, 1997 original Norton Records 45rpm, 7" vinyl, $25 + S / H

1997 original made in the USA Norton Records 45rpm 7" vinyl pressing #45-065, picture sleeve M-, NO seams busted, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent! Rare 1975 demo versions!!

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RAMONES back 001.jpg
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