GWW (Great White Wonder) ~ While The Establishment Burns ... GWW, 1970 Plum Purple Vinyl LP, $1,800 + S/H

1970 original Winklhofer Records LP pressing #1848, one of the best of the early bootlegs, pressed in deep purple wax that when held up onto the light is absolutely beautiful!  Green labels with printed song titles. 

Songs are live from Side one - New York Town Hall, April 1963.   Side two - Dublin, Ireland, May 6, 1966.  

This is the boy wonder in "full flight", every song is a jewel to behold and enjoy. The cover is all white (and aging, almost 50 years old now, from the SAME people that brought you Trade Mark of Quality Records), with faded stamped title. Cover VG++, very clean, NO seam or spine splits, NO ring-wear, just aging, the vinyl is M-, NO scratches, plays excellent with almost NO background noise. 

Bob Dylan ~ The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration, 1993 original Holland press Columbia 3LP, $400 + S / H

1993 original made in Holland Columbia Records 3LP pressing #474000 1, cover M-, still in the original plastic shrink wrap, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, the 3 original printed inner sleeves M-, NO seams busted (records placed in NEW white deluxe sleeves w polyliners), 3 vinyls M-, NO scratches, play excellent.  Recorded live at Madison Square Garden, New York City (USA), October 16, 1992 with many guest musicians!

30th A 001.jpg
30th Top 001.jpg
30th LOW 001.jpg
30TH B 001.jpg
30th C 001.jpg
30th E 001.jpg
30th back Top 001.jpg
30th back LOW 001.jpg
30th D 001.jpg
30th F 001.jpg
30th inner A1 001.jpg
30th inner A2 001.jpg
30th inner B2 001.jpg
30th inner B1 001.jpg
30th inner C1 001.jpg
30th inner C2 001.jpg
BOB DYLAN - STEALIN', 1969 original Steel Records LP, $250 + S / H
DYLAN Stealin'.jpg
DYLAN Stealin' LOW.jpg

1969 original Steel Records LP pressing, taped insert cover VG++, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, vinyl VG+(+), NO scratches, but what look like factory press imperfections on the vinyl, causing some clicks & pops, but plays very good plus, recordings made around 1963 -1965, released in 1969 by one of the guys that went on to form Trade Mark of Quality Records!

DYLAN Stealin' A (2).jpg
DYLAN Stealin' back Top.jpg
DYLAN Stealin' back LOW.jpg
DYLAN Stealin' B (2).jpg
Bob Dylan - Motorcycle, 1971 original Wheel Records LP, $750 + S / H

1971 original Steel Records LP pressing, plain white stamped cover M- (very clean), NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, shelf wear, vinyl is VG(+), NO real scratches, but like these people (who went on to produce LPs under the Berkeley Records label) used very poor quality vinyl (or their processing technic were untrained at this point), because it has several pressing "marks", and though none skip or make loud noises, it produces some background noise in some tracks, but overall, this is about the best copy we have seen of this 50+ year old artifact! Part of "The Basement Tapes" with The Hawks (pre-Band) outfit in 1967 New York State. Why the title?? I guess it was the reason for the hole-up in Big Pink, as Dylan was recuperating from the cycle crash suffered in 1966, jamming with the musicians (Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel & the stinker Robbie Robertson) who were soon to become legendary as The Band in 1968.