Allman Bros. Band / Grateful Dead ~ The Longest Day, Japan pressing 6 CD + Poster, $250 + S / H

Recorded Live at RFK Stadium, Washington DC, June 10, 1973. The 2nd day of 2 days of concerts at the DC venue. On June 9th, Doug Sahm opened to an audience of 53,000 paying customers. On June 10th, Wet Willie opened to a smaller crowd of 30,000. The Grateful Dead & The Allman Brothers Band played both days, with slightly varying set-lists.
On disc 3, the song "Jack Straw" (track 3-3) is missing on back cover (or not listed, because it plays on the disc) & track 3-4 is listed on back cover as "U.S.A. Blues", which is actually track 3-5 on the disc, and the correct title should be "US Blues". At the 7 minute mark, track 5-3 "Dark Star" veers off into a path I've never heard before (in countless versions), and by the 14 minute marker, it comes back to the usual path just before the lyrics start again. Includes fold out 2-sided mini posterIt unfolds open to 8 X CD-size.  Review of concert on back side.