Butch Hancock ~ West Texas Waltzes & dust-blown tractor tunes, 1978 original Rainlight Records LP, $200 + S/H

1978 original Rainlight Records LP pressing #RLT 114, cover M-, NO seam or spine Splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent. Out of Lubbock, Texas, came Butch Hancock, describing his surroundings...

BUTCH A (2).jpg
BUTCH back Top.jpg
BUTCH back LOW.jpg
BUTCH B (2).jpg
The Supernatural Family Band ~ In the beginning..., 1973 original Sandyland Records LP, $200 + S/H

1973 original Sandyland Records LP pressing #A 3001, cover VG+(+), NO seam or spine splits, clear taped on whole spine & top seam, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, shelf wear, yellowing & aging, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent with minimal background noise. These are studio tracks, their 1st album.

SFBand A (2).jpg
SFBand LOW (2).jpg
SFBand Top (2).jpg
SFBand back LOW (2).jpg
SFBand back Top (2).jpg
SFBand B (2).jpg