Bob Dylan ~ Good As I Been To You (Sealed LP), $300 + FREE S/H WW*

1992 original Sony / Columbia Records LP #C 53200, 100% Still Sealed USA pressing, MINT / MINT, unplayed.  NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear. 

30 years after his acoustic 1962 debut album, Zimmy goes full circle with an all acoustic album again, just him, his guitar, his harmonica, and the voice only a mother could love!   Mostly traditional folk songs here, but it's a real beauty.  *FREE Worldwide Shipping.

Bob Dylan ~ World Gone Wrong, 2016 EU repress Sony Columbia / Music on Vinyl LP, $75 + S/H

Originally released in 1993, the 2nd of 2 solo acoustic albums (including the one above) to celebrate his 30 years in the music business (his 1962 LP debut), this is a 2016 re-release made in Europe on Music on Vinyl Records.