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The 1968 Northern California Folk-Rock Festival, 2007 original New Braunfels Historical Records 4CDr Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2007 original New Braunfels Historical Records #035, 4CDr Limited Edition, #1 out of only 5 copies made. Front cover, back cover, 4 discs M-, NO marks on discs, play excellent. Recorded live at The Northern California Folk-Rock Festival, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, California (USA), May 18 & 19, 1968.  The Animals, The Doors, Kaleidoscope, Taj Mahal, and other lesser known bands were also on the bill.

NCA 001.jpg
NCA back 001.jpg
NCA disc 1 A 001.jpg
NCA disc 2 A 001.jpg
NCA disc 3 A 001.jpg
NCA disc 4 A 001.jpg
NCA inside front cover 001.jpg
NCA inside back cover 001.jpg
NCA disc 1 B 001.jpg
NCA disc 2 B 001.jpg
NCA disc 3 B 001.jpg
NCA disc 4 B 001.jpg
NCA FULL back cover 001.jpg
Various ~ Northwest Regional Folklife Festival Vol. II, 1978 original Voyager 100% Sealed LP, $200 + S / H

1978 original Voyager Recordings LP pressing #VRLP-102-S, 100% Still Sealed, MINT / MINT, unplayed. Recorded live at The Northwest Regional Folklife Festival, Seattle, Washington (USA).

NW FEST Top.jpg
NW FEST back Top.jpg
NW FEST back LOW.jpg
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