SLOBBERBONE ~ Crow Pot Pie, 1996 original, signed Advance CD copy, Not For Sale

1996 original Advance promo copy Doolittle Records CD pressing #DRCD 5019, signed by all 4 members (Brent Best-vocals, guitar, harmonica, Jess Barr-electric lead guitar, Tony Harper-drums, Brian Lane-bass player) when they blew thru Austin, Texas for an in-store performance! I asked them to play "Whiskey Glass Eye" for me and they did! Such good boys!! This 2nd version of their 1st release has 3 songs not on the 1st version, has "4 left out" from the 1st version & most of the songs were re-recorded with the new band, only Brent Best & Tony Harper play on both versions.

SLOBBERBONE back (2).jpg