Sir Douglas Quintet / Texas Mavericks ~ La Zona Rosa, Oct. 31, 1996, original DDS #005 2CDr, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2004 original Discos Doug Saldana #005, Limited #'d Edition, #1 out of 7 copies made. Doug Sahm had so much "energy" and songs that he formed & played with sooo many bands throughout the years, sometimes on the SAME night like this occasion at La Zona Rosa in Austin, Texas where both bands showed up! A real team effort on the production of this 2CDr, thanks to Bruce Davis for "the meat" (the recordings), some lady for the color pic of Doug & horns, artwork by the curator.

LZR 1996 disc 1.jpg
LZR 1996 (2).jpg
LZR 1996 disc 2.jpg
LZR inside cover (2).jpg
LZR 1996 back (2).jpg
LZR 1996 inside back cover (2).jpg