Doug Sahm with The West Side Horns ~ Rome Inn, Austin, Texas, 1979, 2004 original DDS #003, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

2004 original Discos Doug Saldana #003, Limited #'d Edition, #1 out of 7 copies made. Recorded live at The Rome Inn, Austin, Texas in 1979 with The (San Antonio) West Side Horns, including Louie Bustos, Charlie McBurney, Rocky Morales,  

Sir Douglas Quintet ~ The Rome Inn, Austin, Texas, 8/31 - 9/2/1979, original 2CDr set, Limited Edition / Not For Sale

From the opening words of Doug Sahm, this appears to be the SAME performance(s) as the above set attributed to Doug Sahm with The West Side Horns, as Augie Meyers (nor his famous organ sound) is nowhere to be found here, the key ingredient for any true SDQ concert (that's Rocky Morales on "She's About A Mover" playing Augie's organ part on harmonica, as Doug namechecks Augie as he would often do when the real people weren't there). But aside from that, there are many positives here, starting with the color gorgeous photos of Doug Sahm! The exact recording dates are also much appreciated. A missing song added ("Lonely, Lonely Nights") + the complete, almost 9 minute "Misty" at the end there. Superb sound quality! Thanks again to Randy Niendorff (Lafayette, Colorado) for this priceless two volume live set! Recorded live over a 4 night stand in Austin, Texas, with The West Side Horns!