The Allman Brothers Band ~ Atlanta International Pop Festival, July 3 & 5, 1970, $250 + S / H

2002 original Japan pressings #s 033, 034, 035 & 036 Vague Records 2CD-sets x2, recorded live at the 2nd annual Atlanta Pop Festival in front of over 300,000 people.  All discs & artwork M-, NO marks on discsA couple of the cuts are sub-par technically, but, such were the times! Both Duane Allman-lead / slide guitar & Berry Oakley-bass are still in the band!  These are only available as a set, price is for all 4 CDs.

The Allman Brothers Band ~ 1973 reissue Polydor / Capricorn non-Gatefold LP, $300 + S / H

1973 reissue CRC (club) Polydor / Capricorn Records LP pressing #CPN 0196,  cover M-, still in the original plastic shrink-wrap, NO seam or spine splits, NO cut-out markings, NO ring-wear, vinyl M-, NO scratches, plays excellent. This is a non-Gatefold cover version. 1st press was released in 1969.

Allmans A 001.jpg
Allmans LOW 001.jpg
Allmans Top 001.jpg
Allmans back Top 001.jpg
Allmans back LOW 001.jpg
Allmans B 001.jpg
Allmans close-up 001.jpg
The Allman Brothers Band ~ Fillmore East February 1970, 2018 Bear's Sonic Journals, 100% Sealed 2LP, $300 + S / H

2018 original The Owsley Stanley Foundation & The Allman Brothers Band Recording Company 2LP pressing #ABBR 0005, 100% Still Sealed / MINT Gatefold cover, NO cut-out markings, NO seam or spine splits, NO ring-wear. This was recorded live just over a year before the famous "Live At Fillmore East" 2LP, with slightly different track list than that epic concert.

ALLMANS LIVE 1970 Top.jpg
ALLMANS LIVE 1970 back Top.jpg
ALLMANS LIVE 1970 back LOW.jpg